Ordering Tips

Please provide the following information when ordering:

Profile Name
If you are searching for a profile that is not shown on our web site, stomach you can:

?    Make a tracing of your profile and fax or e-mail it to us, drugs along with the measurements (thickness and width).  Or send a small piece of the profile.  Include the name of the company that supplied the original wood molding and the species of wood that is being matched.  Also, whether it is MDF, finger joint or clear.
?    We can also replicate a profile of any size.  To copy your profile, please send an unblemished 13 ft wood sample (to make a 12 ft mold) or two 7 ft pieces, to ensure that our product matches exactly to whatever wood you are using.  Stain grade flexible moldings cannot be made from “paint grade” samples.  The molding must be sent freight pre-paid and will not be returned.  Important note:  The product must be packaged carefully!  Our process duplicates the molding exactly—including dents, dings and scratches.
?    Be sure to include your name and contact information with any mailings.  Contact our customer service team for a quote and mailing information.

We need to know how the molding will be used to determine if a straight profile or pre-curved profile is appropriate.  Here are some general guidelines that can be used:

?    Base – Typically installed with the back of the molding to the wall so a standard straight piece can be used.  The molding will need to be pre-bent if it is a very tight radius application such as a column or if used on the ceiling as part of a crown assembly.
?    Chair Rail – Same as Base.
?    Small Profiles (Quarter Round, Base Shoe, Base Cap, etc) – These items are generally very flexible and only require pre-curving when used on a very tight radius application.
?    Panel Molding – Are usually small and bend easily without any need for pre-curving.  A straight piece can be used along a curved wall but the molding may need to be pre-bent for other applications such as compound radius applications (a template is required).  If the profile is to be pre-curved, indicate which side of the curve the rabbet faces.
?    Flat Stock (S4S) – It depends on size of the piece and the application.  When used as a base, jamb, or jamb extension, a straight piece will work.  If the radius is very small (under 12”) it should be pre-curved.  If used as casing, the part must be pre-bent.   To order, specify the profile, width, thickness, species, and material length.  Also indicate how the product will be installed (such as base) so that we can determine whether to pre-bend the molding or not.
?    Casing – Casing is generally used around windows, doors and cased openings.  Ordering straight or pre-curved molding depends on the thickness and width of the profile and the radius of the curve.  Click here for more information on ordering casing.
?    Reducers –Ordering straight or pre-curved moldings depends on the radius of the curve, and the thickness and width of the profile.
?    Stair Nosings – Same as Reducers.
?    Thresholds – Same as Reducers.
?    T-Moldings – Are somewhat flexible, but the radius of the curve will determine if the molding should be pre-curved to avoid buckling.

Before placing your order, we recommend talking to our customer service team for help in determining if straight or pre-curved moldings are your best option.

?  Straight Moldings – Straight (lineal, non-curved) profiles can generally only be used for larger true radius arches, but the ability to use a straight piece is determined by how large the radius is versus the width of the profile.  For example, for a 2-1/4” casing, a straight piece will work if the radius is greater than 72”.  Examples of profiles that can be ordered in straight pieces are base, casing, panel molding, chair rail, quarter round, and base shoe.  For tight radiuses—order a pre-curved profile and specify whether it should be bent on the face or the back.  This will ensure a snug fit.
?  Pre-Curved True Radius Moldings – True radius moldings include full circles, half circles, quarter circles and arcs or eyebrows.  These do not need a template to be ordered.
?  Custom Pre-Curved Moldings – Custom applications usually need pre-forming and therefore will require a template.  Examples include ovals, ellipticals, irregular radius casings and large molding profiles.  We have some standard templates available–just specify the manufacturer of the window or door unit and the model number and we can confirm whether the template is available.

Dimensions & Material Length
Our standard mold length is 12 ft.  Longer or shorter lengths may be available.
To see our diagrams for how to measure the proper dimensions for each type of application, click here.

Not all of our profile offerings are available in a wood grain pattern (stain grade), and not all of the moldings are available in all species.  Contact us for available species not listed.
The most common species are Paint Grade (smooth finish), Pine, Oak and Poplar.  Indicate the available species desired on the order form.

Special Order Requirements
Please let us know:
If the orientation of a molding is going to be reversed (specify which edge of the molding profile will be facing the outside or inside of the radius, or top or bottom of the application).
If you are using a molding for something other than its regular application (casing used as an accent for crown molding).

Ordering Information

If your interested in ordering this product, please click below to download our order sheet. Fill out the information and fax the form to 419-435-5688