Flexibility & Limitations

The flexibility of a molding depends upon several factors—molding size, there shape and application.  The smaller a molding, search the more flexible it will be.  For example, a 3/4” x 3/4” quarter round molding will be very flexible and will accommodate most any curvature.

Moldings that are thinner in one dimension than the other, like a 3/4” x 3-1/4” base molding will bend easily in the direction of the lesser dimension.  This is why base moldings usually do not require pre-curving while the same size casing, bent on edge, must be pre-curved to fit the opening.

Some applications with a single large radius may be able to use a straight flexible length without pre-curving.  Smaller curves, irregular shapes and compound radius applications will usually require pre-curving.
If any of our products are used as crown molding, they must be able to bend on both the edge and back of the profile because crown moldings are installed at an angle.  Therefore, they must be pre-curved.  Flexible moldings may fracture if over-stressed.

Pre-Forming Limitations
The pre-forming of the molding depends upon several factors also.  Orientation of the pattern and applications determine the need for your order to be pre-formed.  Remember that pre-forming guarantees a perfect fit.
Listed below are some common flexibility ranges and pre-form limitations.


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